Rare Breed of the Month: The Schiller Hound (Shillerstövare)

Photo by carola austman © Flickr

Bred by Per Schiller and recognized as a separate breed in 1907 by the Swedish Kennel Club, the Schiller Hound was specifically bred for hunting fox and hare.
P. Schiller bred German, Swiss and Austrian bloodhounds with Swedish scent hounds and presented the first two Schiller Hounds at a dog show in 1886. They were quite small, so it is said the Harrier was eventually introduced into the breed.

Quite rare outside of Sweden, the Schiller Hound is a tan dog with black mantle. It’s hair is short and glossy with a thick undercoat. Dogs reach a height of 53 – 61cm (21 – 24″) and bitches 49 – 57cm (19 – 22″).
The breed is known as being lively, energetic and robust. Generally a healthy breed, although hip dysplasia is known to occur.


  1. We rescued a puppy in October, and had no clue as to the breed. After finding this picture, and looking up the breed we have found that she looks exactly like your picture. Having thought that we rescued an abandoned mutt from the side of the highway, we are now wondering if we rescued a lost hunting pup.

    1. Thanks for dropping in!

      Also, thank-you for rescusing a puppy in need. It very well could have been a Schiller Hound. Would you happen to have a photo?

  2. I live in Virginia and in May, we adopted what our local animal shelter advertised as a “beagle mix” female puppy. I thought she looked different at first, but thinking she was a mix, I didn’t give it much thought. After having her a week or two, I knew there was more to it. I was pretty sure she was a hound mix (redbone coonhound?). After reading a book on dog breeds, I’m convinced that she is a Schiller Hound. The pictures on Google are so scarily similar that even I’d have a difficult time telling my dog from some of the dogs in the pictures. I’ve Googled hunt clubs in my area and there are none. I also did an online search of lost dogs in my area during that time period and came up with nothing.

    Do you know of any clubs on the East Coast that are Schiller Hound clubs? Do you know of any Schiller breeders on the East Coast? From the reading that I’ve done so far, I know these dogs are rare in the US. I’m just curious where she came from. I can’t imagine anyone deliberately abandoning her. Any info you have would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

    1. I also adopted a dog from an animal shelter in North Carolina that advertised him as a bloodhound mix, as he grew his ears never got longer and he never got bigger. I found this website and am also convinced that he is a schiller hound. I also have trouble deciphering my dog with the ones on this website. I want more information on how I came across this rare breed. I am also from the east coast(North Carolina)maybe there is some connection. I would love to see a pic of your dog. Im a little old fashioned so if you want to friend me on Facebook my name and email is Kayla Kivett heina418@hotmail.com

  3. I live in North Carolina and rescued a stray dog in early August. She is uncannily a match for the Schiller Hound photos and description. She is extremely gun shy and terrified of thunderstorms. I have a feeling she went missing following the 4th of July. The vet believes that she is 3-5 years old. Wondering if any of you others from the East Coast have found any breeders/owners. Also wonder if a DNA swab would confirm. Please contact me if interested. There are pics of Bella on my facebook page.

    1. Perhaps there is a Schiller Hound breeder in the area… I’m hearing from a lot of people in the area likening dogs that they have found or rescued to the Schiller Hound. Perhaps contacting some local breeders of other hound breeds in the area might yield results?

  4. Hi, I live in Jacksonville, Fl and we adopted our dog at a shelter 9 years ago. For years I thought he was a hound mix until I ran across pictures of Shiller hounds online. Our Baxter was definitely a Shiller hound! We lost him to cancer in April 2012, 6 months ago today. He was the sweetest, gentlest, goofiest dog! I’ve been looking for Shiller breeders and can’t find any! So odd that from the other posts these dogs have been found in shelters. There has to be a breeder on the east coast somewhere! If anyone finds one, please let me know! I will check back to this site for replies!
    Thank you!
    Kathie in Jacksonville, Florida

    1. I live in Rockmart, GA and have been taking care of a Schiller Hound that wandered up a few weeks back. He comes and goes staying gone for days at a time. The pup has been hit by a vehicle or something and has possible broken leg / hip…. Vet says try and find a rescue place to come pick the dog up. He is a great pup but we can not make a $500 vet bill to have leg properly treated. I am doing what I can for him but he really needs more.

  5. We rescued a 2 year old dog that we thought was a mix between a German Sheppard and Golden Retriever. When we brought him home, his nose immediately went to the ground and it was clear he had some hound in him. I searched pics on the web under hound dogs and there he was – a Schiller Hound!. He is the most wonderful dog and is gradually being rehabilitated from what must have been a horrific first 2 years. We have traced his paper work to Lyons Georgia where we believe he was suppose to hunt. Tried to upload his pic but didn’t work.

  6. We adopted (rescued) a hound mix over a year ago. He is now 3 yrs has markings of a Schiller Hound, but his face and ears are more Black Mouth Cur. He definitely is a hunter, more sight than smell, but definitely checks out the woods with his nose. He now weights 72 lbs, is 24″ at the withers and loves to run.

  7. Hi there I’m from Quebec CIty, Quebec, Canada, and I got my dog Dexter from the SPA 2 months ago. They said he was a 5 months old Foxhound. At first, when I searched for foxhound pictures on Google, I did notice they were all different from Dexter, but I thought he would look more like them when he’ll be older.
    he’s now 7 months old and I can now tell you he is defenitly NOT a foxhound!
    thanks to the 3 hours I searched the web, I finally discovered I have a schiller hound!
    But how did he end up here In eastern Canada?

    he’s a very great dog and he gets along very well with our german shepherd!

    1. I’m starting to wonder if there is a Schiller Hound breeder somewhere on the Eastern Coat of Canada/US with everyone who has been commenting on having one.

      So far, a search hasn’t found anything.

      Merci pour les commentaires!

  8. Hi everyone! Ok so I am in new glasgow, Nova Scotia, canada and 7years ago this coming may we bought Zoe from a local pet store being told that she was a Beagle mix. My boyfriend doubted this as he grew up with a beagle and as Zoe got bigger she was larger then a beagle. We recently realized a cousin of his in Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada had 2 dogs that looked as if they could be Zoe’s twin. She told us they were schiller hounds! After looking online we realized that’s what our Zoe is! We are currently on the hunt for this North American schiller hound breeder so that when Zoe’s time with us ends in the future we can have another one of these great dogs. I have had a lot of dogs growing up and I honestly can say with every fiber in my body that this is the best dog I have ever had. While sometimes saucy with her attitiude, she is my best friend. And what a personality!

    1. Thanks for sharing! I’m very curious now as well to know if there is a Schiller Hound breeder in NA. Let me know if you turn up with anything. =]

  9. Hello, I am convinced that I too rescued a Schiller Hound from Byrdstown, TN. Kris is the most wonderful dog. Very loyal and friendly. He trains extremely well but does have a little separation anxiety. A real beauty. He loves his new life in Boston, and I am blessed to have him!

  10. Would any of you be willing to organize for a mix, maybe we can start a club and get some puppies going! Been looking for a schiller hound myself, but I live in WA

  11. rescued a pup and was told she was just a beagle and hound mix. after seeing this site and others i know know see is a schiller!

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