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Dog Park – Revisited

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve never been a fan of dog parks. However, I do visit one close to me on occasion for two reasons:

1. It’s a quiet dog park with very few dogs, if any, on off times.
2. Most dogs that I have encountered have been very well-behaved.

However, I am starting to once again, reconsider frequenting even this dog park.

Yesterday we had a warming in my region. We set a record high of 5°C which is quite amazing considering the historical average is -6°C. Needless to say, a lot of the snow we’ve had has melted away. It’s re-frozen now of course, but the melt has exposed quite the sight, an smell, at the dog park.

As soon as I neared the park, there was an overwhelming stench of dog poop. I could smell it and entire block away; I honestly thought Kyuss might have pooped in the backseat!

When we exited the car, the garbage can was nowhere to be seen. It was completely covered in a snow bank. It looked as though someone had tried to tie a garbage bag to the sign in hopes people would put their poop there, but it was so full, it was overflowing.

Only meters into the park and I was surrounded by poop; and I mean surrounded! There was so much poo, it looked like a pack of more than 100 dogs had been before me. I also came across numerous bags of poop, tossed on the sides of the trail. I mean seriously… the “temp garbage” was literally less than 30 meters away and people were too lazy to carry the bag that far.

Well, after I got over my initial disgust, I continued on my walk hoping the smell would either dissipate or I would quickly become accustomed and forget about it.

I then saw the flier posted on the right and the poo was quickly forgotten. It translates to the following:


Our little daisy was attacked by a dog on Saturday February 4th,* 2012 and these are the consequences. Another dog was also attacked in the morning and police were called to the scene, but no one witnessed the attack on Daisy. We are offering a reward to persons/witnesses who can help identify the dog, to avoid more attacks by this dog and his/her irresponsible owner – Marie.”

There were 4 photos included of a little jack russell terrier, shaved, stitched and bandaged with a shunt sticking out her abdomen.

The flier really angered me. For one, I don’t think a dog did this; I think it was done by a coyote. If someone’s dog attacked another dog that morning, it’s very unlikely the they hung about after the fact to attack another one later on. And with this being a somewhat quiet dog park, the chances of two dog attacks the same day by different dogs are terrible low. There have also been a lot of coyote sightings in the region lately; enough for residents of a neighbouring city to call for a cull.

The other reason I’m annoyed with the flier, is because it’s said that no one witnessed the attack. This tells me that Daisy’s people weren’t with her… so, where were they?

Daisy’s people were most likely walking along the trail at a reasonable pace, while Daisy and her friend raced through the forest, out of sight. You must also know that currently, there is no foliage left on any plant or tree (unless evergreen) in the forest, making it quite easy to see a great distance.

Don’t get me wrong, I really do feel terrible about what happened to Daisy. I hope she heals up well as the photos were quite heartbreaking.

The rest of our walk went quite smoothly. Kyuss and I came across quite a few chickadees as you can see above, and at one point, I belive we also may have come across a coyote. It could very well have been a rabbit, squirrel or deer too. Whatever it was, Kyuss went running off into the woods after it. Thankfully he has good recall and stopped when I called out his name.

Although the beginning of our walk was quite offensive, the walk overall was pretty darn good; especially on such a beautiful day. I will still probably visit sometime in the future, but a call to the city re. the garbage can may be in order first.

Oh yeah, at one point while walking along the train tracks, I could hear Pink Floyd’s Money playing off in the distance. Nice soundtrack for a walk I must say.

*date corrected


  1. Kyuss has gold star recall, if he took off after something and came back when you called! Awesome! Despite the poop and the flier, I’m glad that you were able to have a nice peaceful walk.

    1. Thanks Jen! Yes, his recall is pretty good. Not perfect, but I generally don’t have to worry too much when he’s off leash. =D

  2. I am disappointed in the dog park dog owners. They are DOG people and should know better :(. I’m glad your walk turned out pleasant – the photos are terrific; Kyuss looks fit and having fun.

    1. I am disappointed too. It’s really THAT terrible. I know usually there is a couple bad apples.. but the amount of poop suggested there were easily more than 2 dozen people over the course of the winter not picking up.

      Kyuss did have a lot of fun! There wasn’t any other dogs there that day (at least we came across none and ours was the only car in the lot) so we had the entire park to ourselves. We were easily there for a good hour. =D

  3. You sure got some nice pictures, minus poop. I was wondering how it was that Daisy’s people had no idea what attacked her.

    1. Yes, it was such a gorgeous day for a walk. It angered me that they didn’t see anything. When Kyuss is off leash in a dog park, I never let him leave my sight. He’ll run off quite a distance, but he’s always checking to see where I am and I always call him back if he starts to get too far, or I feel the situation needs him closer to me.

      I can understand JRT’s having a ton of energy and running about a lot, but why would they let her get so far away as to not be able to see her attacked? Very sad.

  4. Poor Daisy, I hope she’s on the mend :)

    I’ve been to our Dog Park 3 times and every time there was a problem with an aggressive Dog and someone called the Police or Animal Control – right now I just have play dates with Dogs and owners we know, but I’d love to go back to the Dog Park and run around :)

    Glad you had fun,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

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