Oddly Marked Doberman

Black & Cream

Came across this fella on http://www.dobermantalk.com. Retrieverman over at The Retriever, Dog & Wildlife Blog indicated he appeared to have the chinchilla gene present making his tan points appear silver or cream, and his nose a pinkish-brown.

Pretty neat.

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  1. The AKC standard calls for the tan marks to be “rust,” so I guess that cream colored tan points would not be considered in keeping with the standard.

    1. Probably not. Just as black doberman are not acceptable even though they have very faint rust markings.

      He’s sure cute though.

  2. Fascinating. Wonder where the chinchilla gene comes from in dogs? I have Giant Chinchilla rabbits, and I know in rabbits there are breeds with otter – “Dobe paint job” color – that with the ch gene the rust turns tan/white. Very interesting to see it in Dobes! No it doesn’t meet the standard, but pretty.

    1. I’ve been told and also read that it is responsible for white dogs with black noses, lips etc. like samoyeds. I’m new to the whole genetic thing though.

  3. I’ve also heard (on DT in the same thread, I think?) that be referred to as “Eukanuba icing” or some such. The “quality” of the food causing the markings to be faded.

    (I’m GingerGunlock over there, by the by)

    1. Yeah I read that too. I tried to look up some info on it, but couldn’t really find anything.

      I don’t think it has to do with his diet though, as the photo of him as a week old pup or so has the same colouration. Unless, that is, it can pass through the placenta.

      I’m waiting to hear back on the thread about it as well as I’m rather curious about the condition.

      (Same name on DT, just not extremely active)

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