May Daze Giveaways – Freshpet Vital Winner

Congratulations to…

Kyuss was pretty excited at first when he saw me coming at him with a big mixing bowl!


Although, these weren’t the goodies he was expecting.


He showed his displeasure at the lack of snacks by ignoring the bowl at first.


I managed to get him to finally grab a piece of paper, but then I had to stop him from eating it!


Congratulations to M.C. of The House of Two Bows!

And a BIG thanks again to Freshpet for donating the awesome prize!

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  1. If the names were written on pieces of tissue, one would have difficulty distinguishing the winners from the losers here… at least, if the Basenji was the one drawing lots.

    Thanks for having the contest! We look forward to the goodies.

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