Doberman Health Survey

Right now Dr. Mark Neffare, Director of the Program for Canine Health and Performance of Van Andel Research Institute, is taking DNA samples to better understand inherited diseases in purebred dogs.

Dr. Neff is actively pursuing DNA research on Doberman wobblers, liver disease, compulsivity spectrum disorders, cancer and other breed associated conditions. Dr. Neff’s lab successfully identified the mutation for ‘Dings’ and a DNA test for dings will be available shortly (publication of the professional paper identifying the genetic defect was necessary prior to public availability of the test in order to keep the cost of the test as low as possible for us).

We have an opportunity to truly advance ongoing research efforts and every Dobe can be part of the solution to improving canine health. Please consider taking this simple 2 minute- 100% CONFIDENTIAL- survey about your dog(s) at:

Even if your Dobermann shows no signs of any disease or disorder, they still need a control group. The survey is completely confidential and the DNA kit (including return shipping) is completely free. Kyuss has qualified for a DNA sample, probably to do with his idiopathic head tremors. 

It would be amazing if they could identify a gene for one, or all, of the common Dobermann diseases and develop a DNA test. It’s possibly another step forward in breeding healthier Dobermann.


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  1. You know, I saw this mentioned on DT, and for some reason didn’t look into it. I’m glad you posted about it! Went and took the survey, and ordered the kit.

    1. I spotted it myself on DT. I was lurking about and happened upon it. I thought I would take the survey since Kyuss is a blanket sucker and he had idiopathic head tremors.
      Its actually interesting to me since Kyuss’ parents never exhibited either of the two disorders, nor do any of his littermates.
      It would be awesome if they could test for it.

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