Happy Birthday Kyuss


Time sure seems to fly. Kyuss turns four years old today.
It doesn’t really seem like that long ago I was picking him out from his littermates; a tiny, 4 week old, little brown sausage.


That’s him, with the red ribbon, at 6 weeks old.

We haven’t done much today; just played in the yard.
This evening, once hubby dear is home, Kyuss and I are going to go for a nice long walk. Maybe we’ll stop for ice cream.
He loves vanilla.

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  1. I’m late, too, but happy birthday, Kyuss. That last photo reminds that Justus is only part Dobie; his wasp waist is nothing like the musculature Kyuss sports. Hope your hike was great!

    1. Thank-you! Actually, that’s what I like to call Kyuss’ ‘beer belly.’
      Dobermann are supposed to have a well defined tuck-up, although Kyuss’ line doesn’t have the most defined waist or deep chest. He’s actually a little pudgy. XD
      I should post a few photos of how scrawny he was only 2 years ago.
      Thanks for dropping by!

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