May Daze Giveaways – Earth Rated Poopbags Winner

I’m so sorry this posting has taken so long.

Kyuss picked out winner, sadly, my daughter got hold of my camera a few days ago and dropped it.  My mind hasn’t been the most sharp lately and I left the camera on our computer desk, just begging to be played with.

The battery compartment took most of the damage and the cover has almost spit in two; preventing it from staying closed and circulating a charge well.
I managed to snap a few terrible photos while holding the cover closed as best I can.

Anyway, onto our lucky winner!

Kyuss wasn’t as keen this time around as he had been previously as you can see.


Coaxing with hotdog worked well.


He almost ate the paper thinking it might be more hotdog.


Congratulations to Crystal of Wayward Dogs!

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  1. That is the most awesome way of randomly selecting a winner I have ever heard of! Thanks for doing the giveaway! I can’t wait for our bags to arrive — they’ll be handy for our walks with the KC Pittie Pack!

    1. Thanks for entering! I’m sorry it took so long to get down to the selection. I’ll be posting your goodies this week!

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