Poop Wars

There are many social responsibilities many people don’t think about when becoming a dog owner.

One is barking. I’ve mentioned before how much incessant barking irks me to no end, and it’s socially responsible to insure your dog remains as unobtrusive as possible to the general public.

Another responsibility is actively cleaning up after your pet.

Living in a multiplex, as we currently do, you have to try to get along with your neighbours; I understand that. After the initial row with the neighbour upstairs regarding Puces, I’ve learned to be a bit more harmonious with all our neighbours.

Recently, we once again, had old neighbours move out and new ones move in. They brought along with them two small dogs (one chihuahua and one lhasa apso, I think) and their litter of puppies.

At first, the neighbours were ‘alright’ at picking up their dog’s poop. (I say alright, as they would pick it up perhaps once a week.) It was always the male tenant I would see scooping the yard and more than once he told us “Sorry about the poop.”

When I would go out into the shared yard with my children to play, it became rather irritating avoiding the dog poop all the time, so I would pick it up and dispose of it. I didn’t want little feet full of poop after all! It wasn’t too much trouble, as I knew they did pick up the poop, albeit infrequently. After a month or so, however, the frequency of seeing the neighbours stooping and scooping greatly decreased. I also noticed the volume of how much I picked up increasing as their litter of maturing puppies would now venture out into the partially fenced yard, unsupervised. (Not very safe in my opinion!)

Rather than create confrontation, I would politely remind them,whenever I happened to see one of the neighbours, that I had picked up their poop, again, and would ask them to please be more diligent. They would usually nod, give me a half-arsed excuse as to why they hadn’t yet got around to it and then proceed to inform me they would “try harder.”

Well, I guess “try harder” to them, means stop altogether!

I have a feeling the man told his girlfriend he was done cleaning up after her dogs (she moved in with him about a week later than he, with her dogs), as that’s the only conclusion I can come to for why the poop suddenly stopped being cleaned.

I was quite irritated to say the least. I was now picking up 12+ piles of poop a day for these lazy buggers, so my children (and the child of another neighbour) could run and play in a yard that supposed to be shared by ALL the tenants. At any rate, I was trying my darndest to stay civil, so I started putting the full poop bags by their door rather than toss them in the bin. Conceivably, a visual reminder may be all that was needed… right?


All they now had to do was pick the bags up and toss them in the bin. Defeated…

“Well, why not just put the poop in the grass front of their small patio without a bag?” was my husbands suggestion. “Our kids know not to play near their door and stuff.”


I did what he suggested and started using our scoop, depositing all the little presents into a nice neat pile in their lawn. At first, it worked brilliantly! The woman did not seem too pleased to suddenly have turd mountain near her BBQ, and would come out every other day and pick them all up.

Success was short-lived however. Eventually she stopped bothering and after 3 months of myself creating a mountain range in the grass near their door, the poop still remained. That is, until today…

I had taken Kyuss out early in the morning during one of the many rain showers we have had for the past few days, and he had pooped by the fence in the yard. I figured I would wait until the rain had subsided to pick it up, as I figured no one would be using the yard during a downpour. After getting the kids and animals their breakfast, I returned outside to pick up his deposit. I noticed the neighbours happened to have some visiting children with them (nieces and nephews perhaps?) who were sitting out on their patio. As I headed for the trash bin with Kyuss’ stink, I noticed the woman march off into the grass with the kids, plastic bag in hand, searching for her dog’s poop!

Now, you may be thinking “Yay!” but I’m thinking “WTH?!” Apparently, letting my children and the child of our other neighbour play among their dog’s poop is fair game, but when visiting relatives come a calling, well then, nothing but the best!

I am rather offended, and my husband even more so.

I think it’s time turd mountain was relocated to their doorstep….


  1. What a horrible woman. I can’t even think of anything else to say as I’m in shock that what you’re said and done hasn’t been enough to jolt her conscience. Wonder what the inside of her apartment looks like with that number of dogs running around.

    1. I honestly don’t know, and don’t want to know. It’s a small 1 bedroom/bachelor apartment. They leave all sorts of junk right outside their door, which is why I have taught the kids not to go near their door/stuff. I don’t think they’re the type to be concerned with what other people think of them LOL

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