The Power of Social Media

The Doberman you see above is Chica.

She was irst discovered and photographed in Tepic, a city in the state of Nayarit, Mexico looking quite a bit different from above.

This is the most recognized photo.

In this photo, she’s wearing a tattered harness, tied to a chain no more than 30 cm long (11.8″) and her muzzle had been taped shut.

Leslie Servin discovered the photo and posted the photo on the social media site, Facebook, in hopes of somehow getting help for her. Within hours of the post, the Doberman community was trying to figure out a way to save this girl. Hector Havarro who lived 2000+ km away in Cancun Mexico, stepped forward and immediately offered to adopt her if she could be rescued.

Rescue organisations, as well as the local police had been in contact with the owners in Tepic. The tape and chain had been removed when they arrived, and they were told she was being punished at the time the photo was taken, for pulling clothes off of the clothes line. The owners refused to surrender her.

Hector started making calls and eventually got a hold of a veterinarian, Dr. Miguel Dibildox, who also doubled as the local Scout leader. Dr. Dibildox agreed to meet with the owners and when he did, discovered some girls, one named Fernanda Luna, had been visiting the Doberman daily, ensuring she had food and water.
The owners of Chica, had moved her to their backyard and started feeding and caring for her, most probably due to the sudden attention from everyone. It was feared, however, that if the daily visits by the girls stopped, the neglect would resume.

One attempt was made in liberating Chica, which resulted in charges being laid. This action most likely dashed any attempt at reasoning with the owenrs of Chica, to encourage them to surrender her. It was figured the only way they could save Chica now, was to purchase her from her owners.
A deal was struck, Hector forwarded money to Fernanda and Dr. Dibildox and Chica was saved.

As soon as Chica was in the hands of Fernanda and Dr. Dibildox, he examined her and updated all her necessary shots. The photos taken at that time show Chica is very thin and suffering from many open sores all over her body and her fur has been rubbed off where her harness had sat.

Javier Díaz Calvo, a friend of Dr. Dibildox was arranged to drive Chica to Guadalajara airport; the first step forward to her new home in Cancun.

Chica touched down in Cancun yesterday, August 24th 2012; Hector was waiting for her. Photos show a very warm welcome from eveyone.

Without the help of everyone involved, Chica surely wouldn’t have had much of a life to look forward to.

The power of social media is amazing.
I’m glad this time around, no assumptions were made, the story was told honestly as it unfolded and a beautiful girl was rescued.

To see more photos and read about her progress, vist her Facebook page.

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  1. Following this from day one also
    Great story
    part of the ‘Team Gringo ‘ story, also a rescued dog due to the powers of Social Media ~ Face Book

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