Back Scratch

Hello all! It’s been a while!

Summers end has been crazy busy around these parts. I had a wedding to attend last week which was over 600km away, so I was out-of-town for a number of days. Kyuss came along with me this trip, as he needed a holiday too. Sadly, my camera had a boo-boo after my daughter discovered it and decided to try to take some photos. It’s half-alive at the moment, thanks to lots of duct tape, but it wasn’t doing so hot while on ‘holiday’ of course.

We had been hit by several storms around here as well! Two tornadoes were confirmed in New York I hear, and one was just confirmed in Kingston! It was really windy, but I didn’t happen to see any funnel clouds here. I was inside, mind you.

The weather cooled off quite a bit too thanks to the cold front that pushed through. Today is the first day that is rather nice since the weather cluster-eff, so Kyuss and I spent some time enjoying the warm sunshine in the backyard.

Hope you all are having some nice weather too!

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  1. Cute video. Nothing like a good back scratch and nice natural stack at the end. :) Hunt test season is over for us which is why I am finally catching up!

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