Boy, oh Boy!

Where have I been once again? Well, this time, you can blame Kyuss!

He has had quite a bit of bad luck it seems these last couple weeks.

The first incidence of bad luck occurred when Kyuss must have decided to munch on something that didn’t quite agree with him. I have no idea what it was or where he got it, but my house and backyard  were an absolute mess one day.

He was pretty much his usual goofball self the entire time; eating and drinking normally. However, when Kyuss decided to relieve himself (which incidentally was every 3 hours the first day) he would essentially pee from his butt.

That night he woke me up 3 times to go outside so he wouldn’t soil the house. I wish he had decided to do so the following night as well, as I woke up to poop splattered floor, wall and shoes near our back door that morning. It was then, that I decided it was time for a diet change.

Kyuss was fed the bland diet from then onward, which consists of cooked ground beef and rice, or some other bland grain, such as oatmeal. You cook ⅓ (one third) ground beef to ⅔ (two thirds) bland grain. To this, you can also add 1-3 tbs of plain yogurt, 2 – 4 tbs of boiled mashed sweet potato and/or 1-2 tbs cottage cheese.
When feeding this diet, you feed half the amount of their regular feeding. So, if you feed 2 cups of kibble per day, you would then feed 1 cup of the bland diet.

Once I started feeding Kyuss the bland diet, his stool once again started to return to normal. By day 7 his stool was firm enough that I switched him back to regular diet of home cooked food/kibble.

We’re in the clear.. so I thought.

Due to Kyuss having such unpredictable bowels, his daily walks were eliminated and he was housebound more than usual. He was also confined to our bedroom during meal and snack times for the kids, as I didn’t want them giving him tidbits he shouldn’t eat with his upset tummy.

Because of this forced lazy behavior, he developed an elbow hygroma.

My poor dog!

Elbow hygromas are fluid filled sacks which develop on the elbow joint of dogs due to trauma; usually from lying on a hard surface, such as our bedroom floor. They are not tumors, and most often occur to young, short-haired, large breed dogs as they don’t have the fur to help pad their elbow joint, nor are they old enough to have developed a thick callus.

Kyuss isn’t young, but he is a short-haired, rather large dog!

Treatment for the hygroma is simply to remove the reason for occurrence; which in this case, is his confinement to our hard bedroom floor. I’ve also added extra padding to his beds, even though he’s already managed to shred quite a bit of it, just to help the healing process.

Some vets will drain the fluid, but in reality, this isn’t the best option. For one, they’re painless; two, the fluid has developed to protect the joint from the impact, and unless the reason for the callus is removed in the first place, you’re only going to add pain to the now vulnerable joint; and three, draining the fluid involves insertion of a needle into the skin which can introduce bacteria, resulting in an infection in the joint.

This rather ‘ugly bubble’ on his elbow should subside in a few weeks to a month now that he is no longer a prisoner of our home, and is once again having his twice daily walks.

I can deal with the bubble, I just don’t want any more poop in my house!


  1. Eek, poor Kyuss! Elka sometimes has entirely random bowel problems that we never ascertain the cause of. She doesn’t really eat stuff around the house, so it’s kind of weird (well, except the time she ate the Sweet Chili Sauce packet. That time I knew why.)

  2. OMG! You poor thing (and Kyuss too)! You must surely win the award for the most stressful 2 weeks. And thanks for the graphic description. I shall now be imagining poop splattered shoes, walls and floor while having brekkie LOL. Hope you both recover soon :) X

    1. Oh yes. It was fun to clean up… especially when you’re still half in dream land at the time with two toddlers demanding you make breakfast. We got to eat with the smell still hanging in the air haha.

  3. Hey Kyuss, Jet here. Hi Miss Penny.

    OMD, so sorry to hear of the tummy distress, no fun, Dude. As to the elbow issue, who knew? Since JJ and I have lots of fluff, the cool tile feels quite soothing to us here in the tropics. Of course, we enjoy soft couches and beds when we need to get cozy.

    Glad you’re back to walking, that will put the spring back in your step and shrink the bubble.

    Please take good care Kyuss, we want to get to know you better. :)

  4. Oh no, doesn’t sound like any fun for anyone!! Hope you’re feeling better soon buddy!!

    Wags to all

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  5. Oh my! You have had a stressful two weeks. I bet he’s glad to be back to his twice a day walks and you must be glad to have a poop free house again!

    Thanks for your well wishes for Freddie. :)

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