Product Review: Safe Glow LED Collar

Recently, Kyuss and I were extended an offer to test out the Safe Glow LED Collar from

I must say I was pretty excited at the thought of trying out a new collar on Kyuss; especially one that glows!

When the collar arrived in early September, I could barely contain my excitement as this was our first “official” review of a product! When I opened the package, which was nicely packed I might add, I discovered Kyuss had received a black collar with a pink stripe. Yep, pink!

I had never even thought of mentioning a colour when I was offered the chance to test the collar out, so it’s not their fault in the slightest! I just think it’s rather funny to see Kyuss, a large red Doberman, walking down the road wearing a flashing pink collar.

The collar itself is made of a lightweight black nylon with a heavy-duty plastic buckle. There is a thin strip of pink nylon running along the top of the collar, which holds the polymer ‘ribbon’ through which the LED light is transmitted. A ‘D’ ring sits along the top of the collar for you to hook your leash/tags up to.

The collar has three light settings:

  • Fast Flash (press once)
  • Slow Flash (press twice)
  • Steady Glow (press thrice)
  • Off (press 4 times)

The first time Kyuss wore the collar was simply out in the yard. I popped it on him to see how the fit was and let him out. It was still daylight,so I couldn’t use the flash function, but I wanted to see how he looked in it as well as how much he noticed it.

Well, he didn’t notice it at all. He ran around the yard like he normally does and gave himself a good back scratch. After bringing him inside however, I noticed the collar was now on. It turns out, Kyuss had managed to turn the collar on himself while rolling around in the grass; and not just once. The collar was on steady glow, so this means he pushed the button three times while rolling around. It’s obviously not a huge fault, as the collar isn’t meant to be used full time, but maybe the button placement might have been better suited to the side of the box, vs. the top to help prevent occurrences such as this.

Better button placement perhaps?

That evening was the first time I took him for a walk with the collar. It worked beautifully and I had a few people actually stop and comment on it. Some pointed out the fact it was pink, but most thought it was a great idea regardless of the colour. Over the last month I’ve been using the collar on Kyuss each time I’ve walked him while it’s been dark. When I walk Kyuss, I normally use two collars. Each is attached to each other which is then attached to the leash; this is for a ‘just in case’ scenario. If something is to happen to one collar, the other is there as a backup. And wouldn’t you know it, just something occurred a few nights ago after our walk.

When we finished our walk and we were safely in the back yard, I detached Kyuss from his one collar, but forgot to detach his leash from the Safety Glow LED Collar, I gave him his release command and off he ran. As the Safe-Glow collar was still attached to his leash, which was attached to my waist, I felt a large jerk as Kyuss ran off. Kyuss wasn’t hurt in the slightest, as it turns out the D-ring ripped right off the collar.


I was quite disappointed to say the least. If I had been walking Kyuss only on the Safe-Glow collar and he decided to bolt, for whatever reason, the collar would not have held up and he could easily have been lost.

Another downside to the collar happens to be that it is only water resistant. I found this out when I took him for an off-leash walk one day after it had been raining. The ground had dried up quite a bit, but there still remained a few puddles on the ground in the low areas. Kyuss decided to splash about in one before I could stop him, and although he did not roll or lay down in the puddle, he did get the collar slightly damp.  When I arrived home, the collar was eternally on in ‘Steady Glow.’ I ended up dismantling the LED strip and opened it to dry off. Leaving it overnight did the trick and it is now working normally again.

So, onto the rating:

Appearance: 7/10
Comments: Quite an attractive collar which got a few compliments during our walks.

Design: 5/10
Comments: Overall, I like the design of the collar utilizing the LED strip which lights up the majority of the length of the collar. The only fault I find is with the button placement.

Quality: 2/10
Comments: I cannot dismiss the collar’s failure of the D-ring. Had we not been home when this occurred, I hate to think what might have happened.

Ease of Use: 9/10
Comments: It was very simple to use. Simply snap on your dog, and push the button for your desired light setting.

Value: 4/10
Comments: Having used the collar, I do not feel it is worth the price currently being charged.

Overall: 5.4/10

*Please note: This is my own opinion based on my own experiences. I did not receive any form of payment for this review, however, I did receive a Safe Glow LED collar to test free of charge.

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  1. I’ve seen varying reviews on this collar; yours is certainly thorough!

    It’s definitely a good thing that you’re a member of the “wear a backup” club so far as collars/walking goes. That’s kind of scary :(

    1. I do like the collar, it’s just too bad it’s not more durable. I was shocked when the D-ring came right off without much effort. Kyuss didn’t even seem to notice. =O

  2. I vote Kyuss one of the most thorough reviewers of all time; he seems to have found almost every angle to test the limits of this collar. I do like glow in the dark collars at dusk and in the night; in the past, I just put on simple reflective hunting collars (and I wear my reflective vest, too). Will stick with that though I like the pink for one of my dogs :).

    1. The glowing feature is smart, that’s for sure! I just wish durability was better. I still would use it on our evening walks, if only the D-ring hadn’t broken. I don.t think I can justify putting 3 collars on him though. =O

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