Windsor Hates Those Chihuahuas!

Okay, Windsor Ontario doesn’t hate Chihuahuas, but the city is really following through when it comes to adding dogs to it’s dangerous dog list.

Some of my regular readers may remember back in February this year, a story was published in the Windsor Star about how a Chihuahua has been deemed a Dangerous Dog by the city. Well the city has now added another Chihuahua to the list.

Molly, a 1.3 kg (2.9 lbs) Chihuahua escaped an open gate on her owners property, and proceeded to bite a mail carrier on her ankle. Jason and Mitzi Scott lost an appeal of the ruling and now must post ‘WARNING: Dangerous Dog’ signs on their property, microchip Molly so she can be identified as dangerous, muzzle and leash her in public and obtain a $1 million liability insurance policy.

“It’s a joke,” Jason Scott is quoted as saying, while Mitzi states “I just think it’s kinda silly, to the extreme, — The dog is literally three pounds — it’s the size of an adult shoe.”

Reading the comments on the story really irked me. I find it unbelievable how many people seem to dismiss the bite of a small dog as “hilarious” or “a waste of time and money” or even go so far as to blame the postal worker.

I did come across one comment however, of someone claiming to know the Scotts and Molly personally.

Click to enlarge.

Darlene Demars: “Everybody pets my dog because she’s so small and cute … she plays with kids all the time,” said Scott. “The dog is literally three pounds — it’s the size of an adult shoe,” he added.

I live in that neighbourhood and no one wants to pet her. I have tried myself and almost got bit.

She runs the neighbourhood all the time – we always chase her home. Gate is always open.

Sorry Jason but is it the truth.

A dog, is a dog, is a dog regardless of size or breed.

Molly and the postal worker are the victims here once again. Her owners, Jason and Mitzi Scott are where the blame lies. Had they properly confined Molly and had they properly socialized Molly this incident wouldn’t have happened. Yet, since Molly’s owners obviously cannot fathom that their shoe-size dog as potentially dangerous, the city has stepped in to ensure a similar incident doesn’t reoccur.

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    1. I just had a read over the article and it makes a lot of sense. Anyone owning a smaller dog should take into consideration that they may feel threatened by larger dogs or people with how large they appear and properly socialize their dog accordingly.
      Just as I did so with Kyuss.
      I trained Kyuss how to properly behave in all sorts of situations, as Dobermans have a strong tendency to be one person/family dogs.
      I may have overdone it though, as he’s so happy to be with anyone, I’m sure someone could take him home without much trouble if we were off our home turf. Thankfully his looks tend to deter that!

        1. (Sorry that posted before I could finish.) My Charlie, I’m CERTAIN would walk off with strangers. He loves everyone equally, friends and strangers. Like, you, I am greatful that most strangers don’t want to make friends with a 95 lb doberman as their first choice, so thankfully no one has ever tried to take him. :)

          1. Haha! Gotta love the fact they’re intimidating looking, eh?
            I usually never leave Kyuss tied up anywhere out of sight, but I have a few times on occasion and when I return, there’s always people around to comment on how handsome and big he is. XD

    1. It really is. I love small dogs and my kids love the too, but from my own experience I would rather my children pet larger dogs vs. the small ones as I know how often the owners refuse to socialize them properly.

      I’ve met a number of well behaved small dogs, it just seems that they’re in the minority.

  1. Many littledogs are high on lists of dogs that bite. I’ve seen more “attack” chis, jack russels and maltesers than great Danes or ridgebacks, that’s for sure. I myself have been bitten by dachshunds (when I was a child). Georgia has been attacked by one too, from out of nowhere as we were walking down the street. (it came flying out of shop to nip her.) if I told you the number of times Rufus was attacked by littledogs, this would become a novel. Sad to say, many littledog owners shrug off responsibility like the owners in your story and even worse, they laugh and make you think you’re being silly for getting upset.

    Owners and incidents like that was one of the reasons I started my blog.

    1. Yes, Kyuss has been charged too many times to count, however only two were medium/large dogs. (a Chocolate Labrador & a Pointer)
      I think I could write a novel as well! LOL

      (I started my blog to rant about other dogs and their owners too haha)

  2. Many small dogs are allowed to behave in a manner that would not be accepted, even by owners, if the dog had been just a wee bit larger. It is strange.

    1. Yes. I’ve often asked the owner of the offending dog how they would like it is Kyuss jumped on and nipped their dog. They always reply with something to the effect of “Oh well he’s huge, our [insert name here] is only small and can’t do no harm.”


  3. I was given my long haired tweenie Dachshund, Seymour, in a two for one adoption deal because he had been in two homes and fiercely defended the wife against the husband in both. At his shelter and here, he is fine with men but not on “his turf.” I wanted to like the final comment – biting dogs are biting dogs, no matter what size and it is unacceptable behavior – period.

    1. Exactly! If I decided not to address my dog’s biting behaviour, I could expect the same thing (possibly worse) to happen if it were Kyuss; the ‘big bad’ doberman.

      Why people with small dogs feel it’s alright or even cute for their dog to be nasty, I’ll never know. =[

  4. I don’t think it’s ever ok for Dogs to bite people, no matter what the size and it’s super important for our families to train us and ensure we’re not in the position where we think it’s necessary – Big Dog, Small Dog – it’s all the same…..

    Wags to all,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

    1. You are right Snoop! Big, dog, small dog, cold dog, hot dog. None should be nippers =D
      Thanks for dropping by!

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