Lucky 191

This hound was found on Sunday, near Aurora On. with a head injury serious enough to blind him in one eye, and the numbers 191 chemically burned onto both his sides. He’s been nicknamed Lucky 191.

The OSPCA believes he may have been involved in hunting, dog fighting or simply abused at home. I however, believe he more than likely comes from a research facility.

Animal research facilities often use beagles for testing, and although Lucky here doesn’t look like a purebred beagle to me, he certainly may be a mix; bred in the facility itself.¬† Looking into animal testing facilities within Aurora would be my first move if I were an investigator on the case. Sadly, even if he has come from a research facility, not much could be done about his abuse.

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Anyone convicted of animal abuse in Ontario can face up to two years in prison and a $60,000.00 fine, research facilities and their employees, however, are exempt from these laws. Ontario has in place, something called the Animals for Research Act, which basically states that no cruelty charges can be brought against the company or it’s employees by anyone, including the police and OSPCA. The only charge that could be brought against a research company for Lucky (if he actually comes from one) would be under the “Sale or other disposition of dog or cat” meaning they improperly disposed of the dog. What the fines would be, I have no clue.

I wish Lucky a speedy recovery.

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  1. The numbers are probably bleached into the hair. It’s not uncommon to mark dogs for a field trial this way, you can buy marking kits for it:

    They use dye on light colored dogs. Paint is also used.

    Research laboratories usually use a permanent ID for research animals. Microchip, tattoo, ear notches, that kind of thing. USDA, for instance, requires a microchip or a tattoo for dogs. Mice and rats are ear-notched or ear tagged. Bleach, dye, and paint are not permanent; this dog probably got lost at a trial. He looks like a Foxhound to me, but I don’t do scent hounds, so maybe not.

    1. I never knew that! Wouldn’t it be interesting if his fur eventually grew out and it turns out he was dyed?
      It doesn’t explain the head injury, but now your hypothesis seems the most logical.
      Perhaps he was just simply injured in the field and they never found him?

      1. If the dog got lost at a trial, it could have come by the head injury later. Certainly you wouldn’t be running a dog with a head injury at a trial.

  2. Why do they always assume dog fighting even when it makes no sense,or there’s not any actual proof. At most it would be a bait dog, but from the injuries it doesn’t sound like one. Even if it actually had dog bite injuries I couldn’t say for sure.
    Animal research makes more sense,though I kinda think this dog was just a stray or someones pet that got abused.

    1. If you see DesertWindHounds’ comment above, she mentions he could have been used in field trials and the numbers were actually just bleached onto his fur and not burned as the OSPCA and police are claiming.

      Now it seems that he was likely just injured in the field and never recovered by someone training his hounds.

      1. When I commented their was no other comments visible. That makes sense though.

  3. As both a dog and especially a hound enthusiast, thank you for sharing Lucky’s story. He is a lovely hound, perhaps Foxhound or Harrier mix. Hounds get lost so easily because of their dang efficient noses…which I love. I like the idea of him being lost after a trial. It will be interesting to know if anyone comes forward looking for him.

  4. The head injury looks like a right-handed person knocked him over the head to kill him, knocked him unconscious only, and left him for dead. If he was lost in the field, why is he so very emaciated and intimidated?

  5. He looks like a foxhound to me. I have never heard of numbering dogs like that for field trials. They sure do not do that for retriever field trials. He could easily have been injured while hunting. Try as we might to keep the dog safe, accidents do happen. But the shaved areas on his legs are odd or maybe that was due to vet care after he was found?

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