Monday Mischief – Snow Love

Snow Mountain

We had a ton of snow blow through here these last few weeks which resulted in a huge pile of snow about 3 meters high (10 feet)  in the backyard from the driveway excess. Kyuss loves the snow and I grabbed this photo of him standing atop the pile of snow, proud as punch.

Sadly, we have had a warm front sweep through the area resulting in temperatures of +8°C (46°F) and lots of rain when we normally average -6°C (21°F) this time of year with snow. The snow is still holding on although there are some areas where sheets of ice or puddles of slush remain.

Today we’re hovering around the freezing mark and have so far gotten rain and snow although it’s supposed to dip back down as the week progresses. I hope the snow holds on!

Side note: Sorry for my absence guys. I really have been wanting to write, but I just haven’t felt ‘well’ enough to do so. This pregnancy is really taking it’s toll I tell you. Thankfully, I’m now starting to feel a bit better and although I still suffer from nauseous feelings, I can hold down most of my food. So hopefully I’ll be less absent in the coming weeks.

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  1. Welcome back! A pregnant co-worker, having a very tough time with nausea, called Kate Middleton a “wuss” for being hospitalized :). Glad to hear you’re feeling better. GREAT photo of Kyuss – yep, King of the World!

    1. Thanks very much! LOL @ Kate Middleton. If I could have been hospitalized for it I would have loved the break I think! I feel for her though. Turns out we’re both due in July. =]

      I just made sure to drink a ton of water these past few weeks so I wouldn’t get too dehydrated.

  2. Just checking in to see how you’re doing! We’re apparently supposed to get a boatload of snow tomorrow….maybe….nobody really seems sure.

    1. I’m still alive and well! Been extra busy though. We’re full force into house searching in all our spare time, so I’ve had hardly any time to blog.
      Did you get lots of snow? We’ve been getting a little here mixed with freezing rain mostly. There’s still tons of the stuff on the ground though. =]

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