Moving with Pets

So as some of you may know by reading my blog, we’ve finally bought ourselves a new house. With a new addition on the way we needed the space, and fast!
Everyone knows how hectic moving can be, and often times we remember to update the address on our drivers licenses, our utility bills, with the Canada Revenue Agency (for those of you who are in Canada anyhow!) but often times many forget to update the address of their pets ID information.

Kyuss has quite a few ID tags. He has a microchip tag registered with, he also has his rabies tag from the city, and he has a free Humane Society of Canada tag. You need not make a donation to the HSC, but I did to essentially ‘pay’ for my tag.

Humane Society ID tag and Microchip ID tag

Humane Society ID tag and Microchip ID tag

As his rabies tag is updated with the city, (which is not pictured as I still have not put it onto his collar =b) all I need do is contact the local SPCA and update our address. For his microchip tag, I simply logged online to and updated the information there with ease. For the free Humane Society of Canada tag, I have to call them to update the info, as sadly, it cannot be done online. I haven’t called yet as it’s currently just before 8am as I write this and they have yet to open. One the back of the tag, it has our phone number and Kyuss’ name. If you are also changing your phone number, they would send you a new tag; again, for free.

I’ve also decided to order Kyuss a new ID tag, because you just know he needs more.
I decided to log onto, to see if I could find anything a bit more stylish for Kyuss this time around, and I came across a lovely shop called The Mad Stampers. I have yet to order it, (I want to wait until we’re closer to moving day) but I’ve decided to go with this lovely little gem from their shop for Kyuss.

The Mad Stampers ID tag which will soon belong to Kyuss.

The Mad Stampers ID tag which will soon belong to Kyuss.

As you can see, updating your pet’s ID info can be a bit of a hassle depending on whether or not you have oodles of tags, like me. But it’s very important to do so as soon as possible. Often, when pets move to a new home, they will easily get lost in their new neighbourhood and can end up heading back toward their old home. Should they be found, you want the address info to be up-to-date so you can be reunited as soon as possible.

With our new home not yet fenced, and the fact the ground is still covered by a few feet of snow and frozen solid, it will be some time before we can put up a fence to contain Kyuss safely. Although Kyuss is not a runner and never wanders, I want to do everything possible to ensure his safety. Micro-chipping is well worth the price and I highly suggest everyone do so for their pet. Kyuss honestly didn’t feel a thing and was just too enamoured with the vet and techs to be concerned about a little pinch between his shoulders. I have also contemplated tattooing him, yet I have yet to talk with my vet about it.

Well, now that it’s well past 8am, I should have no problem updating our address info with the HSC. Take care everyone, and enjoy March break for me!

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  1. There are so many cute stamped ID sellers on Etsy… I’m still holding out for the one that can do Chinese characters though.

    Hope the move goes smoothly! I’ve been moved so much, I’ve really come to hate the process, but it sounds like you’re moving up and up.

    1. Thanks for the smooth wishes! So far, not so smooth. Frankly, I’m growing to hate mortgages and their reps day by day.

      It’s too bad about the Chinese characters. I had a search and al i could find was actual military dog tags with Chinese symbols on em. =[

  2. Thanks for the reminders; I need to write up a paper for my adopters with what the dogs have (chip, tags, rabies) so they, too, can update when they get home and if they move. Good luck moving!

  3. Moving is my idea of HELL. I don’t know that I would have remembered to change the dog’s info…

    On the plus side, we are getting MORE snow tonight. *sigh*. It will be July before your fence goes in.

    1. Hahaha! Yeah my husband was telling me about taking time off in June to put the fence in and I was thinking to myself we’d be able to get it in long before… but now I’m actually wondering….

  4. Hope the move is going well. Great advice about updating the info. Moving is such a hectic time and with various people in and out of the house, it could be easy to lose a pet.

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