Settling In

Hello Mum

So we’re moved!
Sadly, it didn’t go too smoothly. With my husband  due to work nights the weekend of the move, he would be completely unable to help out. Naturally we thought hiring movers would be the way to go.

To make a long story short, the movers we hired didn’t show up, twice. Therefore we ended up having to hire new movers last-minute.
After finally being moved, with a quite hefty bill, we thought dealing with our old landlord would be done, especially since we assigned our lease and found the perfect tenant for them. But once again, things didn’t go to plan and they started harassing us about their new tenant. They wanted us to pay for her rent, as she didn’t like the neighbour above her and wanted to move out.

Anyway, now things have settled down, we can get to the business of making this house a home.

Our new house has a nice sized backyard, but lacks a fence, so we will be putting one in as soon as the ground completely thaws out. (Yes, we still have snow) As far as I can tell with how much has melted so far, it looks like we may need to either seed, or re-sod the lawn. It looks pretty scrubby so far, but time will tell.

Right now Kyuss has to be tied out when let outside; which I would prefer not to do. But with having the woods right across the street, the temptation to explore is quite great. The first night the smells we so overwhelming he couldn’t help himself and walked over to check things out. Thankfully, his recall is great and he came right back when I noticed my lapse of attention on him.

Kyuss is greatly enjoying the new-found space in our house, although he still sticks to me like glue; typical Dobermans.

Now the business of finding a new vet will begin. I never really liked our old one, so I’m going to be a bit more picky this time around. Stay tuned for upcoming posts about our search.

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  1. Please share photos of your house once you’re settled and boxes gone. Kyuss looks like, Mom, this sure is a different place, but I’ll always be your guy!

  2. Congrats on your new place!

    That’s slightly insane that your old landlord thought you were going to pay the new tenant’s rent. It’s not your problem who other tenants do and do not like once you’ve left the property.

  3. Conker regularly accompanies me out front to play or chill on the porch. Right now we are doing work on the house, so the garage door is frequently left open. Conker will wander out and over to the front porch to bask. Sometimes I don’t notice…
    He could easily run off after a cat, or decide to go exploring (he’d done it once already, but someone spotted him leaving and called him back) so I am thinking of setting up a tie-out so I can just leave him out there while we work and not have to worry about him trotting off.
    We would be outside, so he wouldn’t be completely unsupervised, but I’m not fond of the idea of my Shiba taking a walk (or chase) without me.

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