About the Author

I’m a busy mom of 3 who enjoys learning about new things; especially dog genetics!

I originally created this blog to share stories about Kyuss and rant about things that bug me in dogdom. It’s evolved a little more than that now to include information on the Doberman breed and dogs in general.

Taking photos of Kyuss is one of my passions. So sometimes when I feel like I’ve got nothing to say (or I’m just too busy to say it) you’ll see me update with a photo or two.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  1. Hi Penny, Great to know you have discovered this amazing Breed the Dobermann! The King Of Dogs, in my opinion.

    I am a Dobermann Breeder here in Sunny Qld Australia & just wanted to hi!

    I have had the privilege of travelling your great country & love Canada & Canadians!

    In my opinion we are two countries that share very similar attitudes & beliefs overall.

    Take Care hope to talk Soon,

    Kindest Regards,


    1. Thanks Renee!

      I visited Oz about 9 years back now. What a gorgeous country you have. =D
      Dobermann are amazing aren’t they? Such brilliant little creatures.

      Take care

  2. Hi. Just discovered this blog through ANOTHER blog by Retrieverman. I’ve always loved dobies and am sort of a breed “geek.” Even if I don’t have a certain breed I may wish for one someday, learn about it’s history, character, sports it’s involved in, etc.

    My #1 love is for collie origins and breeds of collie descent; australian herding breeds, english shepherds, aussie sheps, McNabs, BCs, etc. But there are smatterings of other breeds that get my attention. Dobies are one of them.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! The doberman is definately one of my favourites, but I must say that I do believe the collies are some of the most beautiful, hardworking dogs out there. =D

  3. Hi Penny,

    I have appreciate your work. Before you no one is say about Our Indian Origin rare breed dog Chippiparai to world. I believe Chippiparai dog is a wonderful dog so my team taken action to save and develop this breed and bring it to the world. I hope your support always with us. Thank you so much for your great work.

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