Snow Drifting

Image by Ben H. © Flickr

Kyuss and I went for an evening jog tonight in the falling snow. Kyuss loves walks at night. His in-bred nature seems to shine through as we walk in the near-dead silence; only the wind and the crunching of the snow beneath our feet our company. He becomes stronger, bolder, more protective. It’s as if he knows how eerie our once familiar surroundings have become.

We run through the drifts; I the clumsy fool, he a graceful beast. He executes every leap with such precision, I wonder if he is the same goofy red boy whom I share my life with. Then as he takes one more leap into a drift, the goof returns. Kyuss plows head first into the drift, chomping at the snow. He emerges with such a proud look on his face, you can’t help but laugh.

It’s no wonder I love the Dobermann…

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  1. We finally have snow though no drifts. Still, the dogs are enjoying it more than the rain. Justus has two coats, gifts from a friend: a black and white houndstooth with red lining (for “formal” occasions) and a Camo coat for every day :). He doesn’t mind wearing them – he just likes his walks, day or night, like Kyuss. So glad you two enjoyed the snow!

    1. Kyuss used to have a coat. A nice, expensive coat. Then, he stole it one day while we were out and decided to use it as his new blankie. He’s a blanket sucker, and tends to destroy his blankets while doing so. Needless to say, his coat went bye-bye. I couldn’t afford another at the time, so one of my old hoodies had to do. It’s still going strong, but I’ve been meaning to get him something a little more, dog-like if you will haha.

      Do you have any photos of Justus in his coats? =D

  2. That is one amazingly good looking dog! Our Border Collie is the same way with snow…it’s like one big toy.

    1. Thank-you! You have quite the handsome border collie! I have a bit of a “thing” for brown dogs haha.
      Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Thanks Kootenai! I wish I could take credit for this photo, but it was taken by Ben H. on flickr. Beautiful shot isn’t it?

    1. Hi Snoopy! The snow has been here for some time now! It held off for quite some time in this region, then it appeared overnight!

  3. You must look pretty cute in the snow drifts! We’re still waiting for snow to bring out Fred and Gloria’s silliness! Okay, maybe just Freddie’s! LOL!

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