Where Oh Where Has PennyPup Gone?

Throw the ball!

Hello all!

Sorry I’ve been missing around these parts. With the nice weather finally hitting here; the kids, Kyuss and I have been outside since!

We’re currently experiencing temperatures about 20°C ( 68°F ) above the average for this time of year. It’s just too gorgeous to stay inside. Thankfully, the snow is now almost gone, and should completely disappear by Wednesday.

Would you believe it, however, that with all this gorgeous warm weather, Kyuss spends most of his time rolling around in the last piles of remaining dirty snow? What a dunce. =b

Sorry for the short post. I’ve got a nice long one ready to go, save for the photos to add. I’ll get that up for your guys a.s.a.p.
For now, I grabbed a few photos from our backyard play today.

Kyuss waiting for me to throw his ball.

"I got it!"

He seems quite proud of his catch.

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  1. I’ve been missing, too – lots going on. Love the photos, welcome back and yes, Kyuss is VERY proud of his catch :).

    1. Welcome back to you too!

      Kyuss is always happy to catch his ball, but being that he’s not a retriever, he usually just runs around showing off his ball to everyone. XD

    1. Kyuss says thanks!

      Don’t you kist love how nicely a doberman takes a photo? Saying that though, they take some pretty hilarious ones as well!

  2. We have nice weather here too. Unfortunately it will turn cold again this weekend. I’m spoiled now. I want warmth. Looks like you have been having fun in the yard.

    1. Sorry for my delayed reply! It turned cold here once again as well.
      It’s now hovering around 7°C – 8°C during the day thankfully and the snow has disappeared.

      I miss the warmth too LOL

  3. I’ve been gone 10 days, PennyPup! My good for nothing typist had to have a holiday [though she didn't leave the house]. A holiday! What does that even mean? Honestly, good help is so hard to find these days.

    Good luck with yours. Your friend, Georgia x

    1. Haha! My holidays consist of sleeping in until 8AM! That’s a holiday for me =D
      Thanks for dropping by Georgia!

  4. He’s a gorgeous dog. I like that more robust sort of doberman than the really weedy looking ones.

    1. Thanks! He’s definately got quite a bit of meat on him. Both his parents were more robust looking which is what attracted me to the litter. He was definately a scrawny little pup though in the beginning! LOL
      He’s actually a little overweight right now and could stand to lose about 5lbs.

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