Liberman Dobermans – Dead Doberman

Bonnie Liberman of Liberman Dobermans has been charged with animal cruelty after a dead doberman was discovered in her yard.

Helena Police say a dog breeder is facing animal cruelty charges because she left a dead Doberman in her backyard for a month. Bonnie Liberman is charged with animal cruelty, failure to dispose of an animal, and operating a business without a license.

Neighbors say the dog had heart worm and it eventually starved itself to death. Will Nall, 11, first discovered the dead dog when Liberman’s kids allegedly showed it to him.

“I mostly saw a dead dog and bones and organs laying out on the ground,” Will said.

Will’s mother took pictures of the Doberman nestled behind the Liberman’s air conditioner unit. Kellie Nall is furious her son was exposed to something like that.

“They told Will they wanted to show him something but not to tell me and they took Will into the backyard where the dog was dead and the youngest boy actually urinated on the dog,” said Kellie Nall.

Nall says she didn’t know what to do so she called police.

“We know the police were out here four times to tell them to get the dog up out of the yard because it was visible from the street,” Kellie said. “They finally did get the dog up but we have no idea what they did with it but I do know they made the oldest daughter clean the dog up and I think that’s terrible too.”

Helena Police Sgt. Chris Rowland says Liberman has two websites selling poodles and Doberman dogs. On those websites Liberman claims to be a breeder registered with the Animal Kennel Club.

FoOX6 contacted the AKC and they sent us this statement:

“If a written, signed, and substantiated complain regarding the care and conditions of a dog is received or if someone is charged by law enforcement and it violates the AKC’s inappropriate treatment of animals policy then the AKC would pursue the matter.”

FOX6 also contacted Liberman. She told us over the phone the allegations are not true. She says there were no dead animals in her yard.

Helena Police say their investigation isn’t over and they’re also looking into living conditions at the house since children live there.

Taken from Fox 6 WBRC

This is absolutely disgusting. How can anyone just stand by and let their dog die? I’ll never understand it. Although the police are still investigating, I hope the remaining dogs and her children are removed from her property a.s.a.p.

I can’t believe Mrs. Liberman had the audacity to claim there were no dead dogs on her property (for a month!) after the police have confirmed it, and charged her for it. I feel so sorry for her children as well. They are obviously quite disturbed if her youngest child finds urinating on the carcass of what was once his pet, funny. Imagine being a young child and having to play in a yard with your dead pet in it, rotting for a month.

There are some truly disturbing people out there, and I must say, Mrs. Liberman is definitely one of them.

Click here to see a photo Mrs. Nall took of the deceased Dobermann.

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  1. Hello Pennypup! Thanks for dropping by my blog yesterday. It is good to meet you and I like your approach to the ‘dog world’….exposing and introducing us to not only your dog but things that are happening to them.

  2. Why do some humans have to be so dumb and uncaring! So sad.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. That truly makes me ill, and angry.

    That little boy is going to need some help, or else he’s going to repeat the pattern. Or worse.

    1. Yes. I really hope the children are removed, although the way some foster homes can be, I don’t know if they’ll be much better off… =[

  4. That is horrendous. I can’t believe someone would leave a carcass out for a month! Especially a breeder. I can’t believe that little boy urinated on it and thought it was funny too!

    1. I know what you mean. Did she not know where her dog was? Did she know he was dead? All it would have taken was her to walk around her property and look.
      I feel so sorry for her children.

  5. I know those AR groups (who I very much oppose) like to use this, but “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. ” Is a very true statement. It’s unfortunate it can be applied to people we may know.

  6. That is a sad story. But what is the Animal Kennel Club referred to in the article? I have never heard of it. Is it another breed registry or a mistake in the article?

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